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The birth of a podcast

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

For background, my friends and I have played games together for years. Everything from competitive sports games to collaborative RPGs. We even have a dedicated night every week for us to get together and play. Imaginatively, we call it #GamesNight!

Across the years, we've always talked about playing dungeons and dragons together. However, with our combined powers of procrastination, we've always found something to play first...until now.

After discussing it for a while, our answers all landed on a pretty solid "Why the hell not?!"

Our adventure started with us joining a friends game. To be blunt, we were instantly enthused and knew that we had to play our own game. So, being the fool that I am, I offered to be the dungeon master (DM for the casuls) and started writing a campaign. As is my want, I quickly created a full world with numerous states, Gods, governments, the whole 9 yards.

Our adventure takes place in Apeiron.

Soon enough, we were all ready for our adventure to begin. Mark, Powell and Westy created their characters (you can find write ups and character sheets on them here), we selected Roll 20 as our app of choice for running the campaign and we scheduled in our first session.

And then we had another thought "Since we're having fun with D&D, how about we make a podcast out of it?" After discussing it for a while, our answers all landed on a pretty solid "Why the hell not?!" Thankfully, I've had experience with YouTube and Twitch so I already had a pretty solid setup already; including the classic gaming PC, mic on an arm, recording software, webcam, obligatory gaming models, Pop Vinyl collection, etc.

My gaming/recording setup

So, microphones were purchased, pop filters fitted, Audacity downloaded, recordings commenced and, with that, our podcast was born. Episode 1 is available here and, to start with, we're planning on releasing a new episode every 2 weeks. We really hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it!

Have you ever recorded a podcast or YouTube content? What's your setup like? Let us know in the comments.

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