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From the mind, inside the mind of Dorvin

A quick hello first of all so, hi, I’m Powell and I play as Dorvin in the Lions Of Legend podcast.

For my first post, I just wanted to introduce myself and write a little bit on how, after years of nudging, we finally got a D&D game set up with the 3 people I most want to play with.

We have wanted to play a game with the 4 of us for some years now, there were always things standing in the way but we have finally got to a point where we can give it a go and we thought, why not record it and see if anyone out in the world likes listening to us too? That’s how we got to where we are now and hopefully, we can grow the podcast and the site into something new for all of us.

We all have differing levels of experience, I personally have played a couple of campaigns before but the last one was run much more as a dungeon crawler. We moved from fight to fight, torn, beaten and hungry, with the goal of securing loot and never really exploring the world, the NPC’s or our own characters. That method has some merit for sure, there are people out there who play for the combat but personally, I am not one of them. I much prefer the collaborative story telling element. I love how what was penned as a brief encounter by a DM could turn into a 30 minutes conversation and a new, returning character (or *SPOILER WARNING* a meaningless fall from a ship can become a fumbling, excruciating 20 minute fight to survive). I love crafting the world, the people and the lore with the other players and the combat will always be a distant second to that. I don’t dislike fighting, I don’t roll my eyes and get through it, it is definitely fun, but it’s not crafting a story and that’s what I play for.

We love Hero Forge for creating minis!

I will always fight for Dorvin’s interests and to keep her alive (I worked bloody hard on her backstory and I want it told haha!) but to borrow a line from Rocky, if she dies, she dies.

Much better that her death offers something to the story than she stays alive because of some preconceived notion that the 3 of us must be invincible. The story will go on and we’ll find a way for me to keep playing and be a part of it, but she is part of the world and so are Bez and Elfyr and the world kills things from time to time.

Hopefully what all of this has told you about me and my playing style is that I think, in DnD, the story is king, it’s what we are all doing here so bear that in mind when you listen and let me know if you think I have ever deviated from it.

What's the most important/fun element of DnD for you? How do you like to play your characters? Let me know in the comments.



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