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Critical Miss #003 - Sweat the technique

We've got it nailed this time, right? Right?! Surely in our third recording session we've caught our mistakes and learned from them. Well, in short, yes. Yes, we have. I was delighted to see that our recording was hugely improved based on our previous learnings. Following our first learning, I felt more ready to improvise and roll with the punches. I felt that our session benefited from that. Following our second learning, we had an established pre-flight checklist to run through before the session. We tested our mics, checked for any feedback issues, tested the exports and uploads, the works. The result, our audio recordings are much cleaner and much higher quality!

So, with all of those improvements in the bag, we were ready to make mistakes in new and wonderful ways...

Critical Miss 03 - Silly, little issues can cause big problems

To be blunt, we're still new at this. We're really enjoying the experience and feel like we are constantly improving. Whilst trying not to sound like a corny management self-help book, we couldn't have improved the way we have without having made the mistakes we have. In our latest recording we addressed the big learnings from prior sessions but now made lots of sill little mistakes, namely:

  • Swaying towards and away from the mic: This is one that you probably won't even notice in the recordings but, when we're editing, it's painful to have to make adjustments for individual sentences, sometimes individual words, because we are moving around while recording. It's a tough one too! We're enjoying the game and we're all animated when we play, so it's a natural side-effect of that energy and excitement but it's one that we need to work on.

  • Vaping near the mics. I'm not going to name names, especially not Mark or me, but some of us enjoy a good vape while we game. However, it then leads to a lot of work cutting those bursts out of the podcast so you don't have to put up with it. :)

  • Settling into character. I think this one comes from the fact that we enjoy listening to other podcasts. So, we often talk about our characters in the 3rd person or drift in and out of their character voices. It's still a funny thing for us as we will naturally take the mickey out of one another when the character slips.

Recovery 03 - Practice, practice, practice

There's a famous old joke about the music institution, Carnegie Hall in Manhattan. It's short and sweet. Someone looking for directions asks "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" only to be met with the response "Practice". It's one of the oldest and most well-known jokes around but it also happens to be true. The best way to truly improve at something is practice and that's what we're going to do. We're going to practice settling into a comfy position close to the microphone and not swaying to and from, we're going to move away from the mic if we want to have a quick vape and we're going to practice talking to each other in character.

It's not going to be a quick fix for this one. We can't simply buy a piece of equipment and plug it in. These ones are behavioural changes and much more tricky. However, as with all of our other learnings, we'll get there! :)

Remember that you can find our episodes here. Are we improving? What else can we learn from? Let us know in the comments.

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