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Critical Miss #001 - Improvise and enjoy

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Our first session was a wonderful adventure in improvisation, mistakes, learning, teamwork and adventure! It was a night of firsts and won't be our last:

  • Our first D&D session

  • Our first podcast recording

  • My first session as a DM

Playing D&D together for the first time was so much fun! I had a nice smooth first day of adventuring in mind for our heroes. We'd start with a nice easy introduction, a journey to the mission, a few fights along the way and a nice rewarding progression to level 2. What could go wrong?

Critical Miss 01 - Assuming that things will go to plan

10 minutes into the session Be'zmut (played by Mark) thumps his fist on the table mid-way through a speech and announces that it's time to get shit done! 10 minutes later, as Dorvin (played by Powell) looks over the edge of the airship and is instantly pushed off by Bez. Thus begins an intense, Point Break skydive chase as Dorvin struggles for her life, Bez tries to rectify his mistake and Elfyr (played by Westy) puts on a smoke show and strives to save the day. You can listen to all of this in episode 1, available here. All of this led to my first learning...

Recovery 01 - Be ready to improvise and enjoy it!

Going into our first session I had a clear plan in my head. I had a route from A to B to C. However, in the words of Robert Burns: The best-laid plans o' mice an' men often get pissed on by friends. So, my chief learning from our first recording and, in particular episode 1, was to be ready to improvise and enjoy it when I do. I still have plans in my head for how the campaign could play out, however, I've learned to be much more flexible and to enjoy the wild ride that my friends take me on.

What's your favourite improv moment in D&D? Has your team ever derailed your plans? Let us know in the comments.

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