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Century Celebrations!

Blow up the balloons, grab a slice of cake and open the fantasy champagne! We are very excited to announce that we hit our first century of podcast downloads! Thank you so much to those who have downloaded!

100! NOTE: Ignore the Christmas bit! :)

To be blunt, we are 4 (obviously lovable) idiots who are enjoying our first ever D&D adventure together. As with any great adventure, it's held together by a group of friends making it all up as we go along. We've had fun piecing together a D&D campaign with the loosest of knowledge bases. Personally, I have loved running my first campaign and am really enjoying pivoting into more of an improv role, partly because it's more fun but partly of out necessity due to Lions being so bloody unpredictable.

Learning how to deal with my mates

It hasn't all been easy though. We've had to work very hard on the editing and social media front. We've lost entire recordings because of a hardware failure, we're listened to an episode only to cut 90% of the content...and we're still finding new and wonderful ways to cock things up, as detailed in our Critical Miss series!

Thanks, Bob!

However, all of this is secondary to just how much fun we are having. Turning our adventure into a podcast has then fantastic for producing a polished end product that we can enjoy. Anyway, the long and short is that, we're loving making this podcast and delight in the fact that people IRL seem to as well! Thank you and see you in the next episode!

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