Chaotic Good




Dorvin believes in change and that the world is intended to be free and always in flux, as is taught by her God, Tamora.

Dorvin's key driver in life is to preserve a sacred text that her enemies consider heretical and are constantly seeking to destroy.


Played by Powell


Whilst Dorvin is a deeply religious and pious individual, this sometimes leads her to blindly place trust in those who profess a similar faith and belief.


Dorvin is tall for a human female standing at 5'10". This along with her fair skin, grey eyes and brown hair is due to her is due to her Illuskan ancestry. She grew up in the State of New Dachang in the capital, Chenma.

Dorvin served in the Temple of Tymora faithfully and happily. She always trusted her fellow worshippers, not only in her own temple but in all temples dedicated to her deity. The followers of Tymora are all trustworthy, no matter where they live, work or worship.

Dorvin was raised to be a Cleric of Tymora, there was never another road considered for or by her. It is her calling and she is proud to have been chosen by her deity to act as a Cleric. In addition to that she was trusted with one of the temples holy but most controversial scripts. It's contents are known only to the Clerics of Tymora or should have been. News spread that the worshippers of another celestial being had come to learn the contents of script and were outraged at the perceived heresy of it. They were so enraged by its existence that they sought to destroy it. As it's current guardian, Dorvin was sent out from the temple in a hurry. She left behind all that she knew and had ever wanted to do her duty to Tymora and she went gladly, without hesitation into Athel Loren. There she served in an infirmary to heal adventurers and spread the word of Tymora.